Our Services

In a tech-driven world, small businesses can only compete in with a tech-driven mindset. Our services are designed to develop you to become a success. 


Sustainable, Long-Term Solutions for Small Businesses

At Count on That, we’re here to save you from the stress of accounting and finance, so that you can focus on your passion. We’ll keep your small business in compliance, and offer advice to help you grow.

Compliance Services

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services, providing everything you need to maintain compliance for your business.

Growth Services

We tailor our consultations to each client’s individual situation, to offer recommendations that will best benefit your business.

Business Support

With the help of our affiliates, we strive to be a one-stop shop for all your professional service needs. 

Take the first step to achieving your dreams.

Achieving your dreams is a process that starts with taking the first step. Understanding your goal and outlining the steps to get there are crucial to becoming successful. DreamWalk is guided by the philosophy of getting into a business mindset. You tell us your dreams, then we quantify them and walk them back to today so you know how far away your dream is to help you better plan for them.

We like long-term relationships. Are you ready to have one with us?

Let us know what problems we can help solve for you by filling up the Appointment Request form or by calling us at 206-734-6080.