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Our clients are what keep us going. Learn more on how Count on That has touched the lives of our most valuable clients.

I came in with just general questions about bookkeeping. I didn’t know a thing about it and he… from scratch, step by step, walked me through what I needed to know.

Patrick Clemo, President, Westside Tree Care

By having Count On That help us determine what areas of our company are more profitable than others, we are able to put resources toward that side of the company and grow it at a faster rate than we would’ve beforehand.

Dan Schuler, President, Alexander GOW Fire Equipment Company

[In the past] I’ve had multiple issues with bookkeepers, accountants, issues with filings, missed filings, failed filings, and a general array of incompetence. Since I’ve hired Jeff and Count On That, I’ve had no issues. All of my stuff is filed on time, all of my questions are answered quickly and professionally. I don’t think it gets any better.

Steve Walter, Owner, Nitro K-9

Jeff is very thorough on following up and meeting deadlines as well as simple things like payrolls. It has been excellent.

David Castiglione, Owner, Kolbe Gallery

We needed to overhaul everything we had done. Jeff and his team came in and were able to redo all of our books, make sure everything was set, and then put us on the right path.

Andrew McMasters, Artistic Director, Improv Mindset

We’re really happy to have Count On That working with us at Alexander GOW. One of the biggest surprises is actually how well [Jeff] has integrated himself into our family. Being a family owned business, it’s almost like having another partner that can work with us.

Jacob Schuler, Vice-President, Alexander GOW Fire Equipment Company

With Jeff and Count on That, every step of the way they’ve really made this whole process easier.

Rodney Karafka, Business Owner

When you sign up with the team at Count on That, you’re signing up for someone that is going to be there for you.

Jack Schaloum, Partner, Federal Army & Navy Surplus